Apitap, The All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution

About apitap

Welcome to Apitap, the first, true all-In-one Social Commerce platform. Apitap combines the best features of digital marketing, social media, and sales together into one environment. It provides a wide range of features that covers the needs of most merchants, so you can easily close most sales with any merchant and build your revenue. From in-store advertising and mobile marketing to enhanced print ads, direct sales and customer messaging, merchants will have the product and service offering they need to take their business into the 21st-century.

Apitap - The All in One Digital Marketing Solution

Apitap was designed based on the current level of technology that most merchants need to work with on a day-to-day basis. We looked at everything from e-commerce platforms and POS systems to social media sites and online marketing tools to get the inspiration for how our portal would be created. Of key importance was that the merchant could find as many of the tools and options that they needed, regardless of their industry. Merchants are not required to use all of our tools and could decide to only use one or two parts of our system. However, everything is available if they decide to use more.

Apitap has a community first approach, focusing on merchant brand recognition and customer loyalty. We give merchants of any industry a place where they can not only promote themselves across all different available methods, from online and social media to print and in-store, but also generate immediate and direct sales from them at the same time. Using Apitap’s tools, merchant can create targeted inclusive advertising and real-time customer engagement to not just increase consumer awareness of their products, but close sales as soon as they get the customer’s attention.

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