Apitap, The All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution


Apitap, the All-In-One Digital Marketing Solution, works with existing merchant provider channels such as MSP’s, ISO’s, ISA’s and Resellers as Affiliate Partners to sell our services to merchants. Working together, Apitap and the Affiliates can provide merchants with a comprehensive and complete package of services that merchants need most to succeed in today’s marketplace.

The Apitap platform as a service offering provides Affiliate Agents with several key benefits;

  • Affiliates receive generous monthly residuals on active merchant accounts they have subscribed to the Apitap platform every month, further increasing profits through the additional revenue
  • Affiliates can use the offering of Apitap services as a way of approaching businesses, instead of the traditional and more difficult approach of changing their merchant services. They can easily cross sell to their existing portfolio as well to maximize the revenue per account.
  • Apitap helps Affiliates increase the value of their overall portfolio by helping their merchants develop and grow their business and increasing account retention with their existing merchants in the process.

If you or your company is interested in becoming an Affiliate and learning more about what we can do together, click the button below to contact us.

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