Apitap, The All-in-One Digital Marketing Solution

Rebuilding Your Business

The current global pandemic has hurt businesses in every industry. Everywhere you look there are store closures and bankruptcies as business after business are unable to reach their customers and get sales. In addition, there are large online retailers (Mega Sites) that are taking advantage of their position to milk every penny of profit they can out of merchants who have joined up at them in an effort to survive. They charge huge percentages in fees and force the merchant to sign up for additional services if they want any chance of making sales. Ultimately these mega sites are only looking after themselves and are often even selling their own goods in direct competition with their participating merchants, taking even further profits from them.

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Merchants don’t have to suffer anymore. There’s a new solution to help them re-grow their business, re-gain their customer loyalty, and re-build their sales. That’s the true meaning of recover. And now they can … with apitap … The world’s first true all-in-one social commerce platform combining the best tools of digital marketing, social media, and sales together in one environment.

We mean what we say. With apitap, it really is like having a new store location in the palm of the customer’s hand. Sign-up today with apitap to start promoting your business and begin generating the sales that you know your business is capable of.

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