In today’s fast paced lifestyle, consumers are torn between their busy schedules and fitting in the various tasks they need to do throughout the day and week. Mobile shopping and promotions programs offer a solution, allowing consumers to shop and find offers while they are on the go. However, many programs have proven to be less than reliable with protecting consumer accounts.

Apitap was designed to be easy to use, convenient, and most importantly, secure. Consumers can load all their credit, debit, banking, store card, and gift card accounts into one mobile application for easy payment and use at any of their favorite merchants. As long as the merchant is a part of Apitap , the consumer can pay wherever they are as long as the merchant has enabled it; on-line, in-store, or even on-the-go through mobile purchasing.

At no time is any of a consumer’s account information provided freely to merchants. The only time account information is used is through secure channels during the authorization process. By never giving a consumer’s credit card information out, there is nothing for anyone to steal and a consumer’s private information stays just that…private. Merchants can avoid PCI and EMV requirements entirely using Apitap for customer payments.

Participating merchants can proudly display the Apitap logo to let consumers know they are just as concerned with protecting their customer’s information as their customer is.