Brand Awareness
Digital signage has been shown to improve brand awareness by 83%. This is critical for acquiring new customers. This will lay the groundwork for your items, and more people will remember your brand as a result.

Special Promos
Having digital signage displaying a product with a special promotion tied to it will boost sales of specific products. If you tie this promotion to overstocked items, even if customers aren’t planning to buy them, they’ll see it as a bargain and buy it.

Apitap Instore Ad Player makes cross-selling easy. You can move to the fruits section and see meat, vegetable, and dairy advertisements. Customers will be aware of other products as a result of this.

Order & Payment System

Customers can use the storefront to pre-order incoming products that have yet to be released. Apitap has push notifications that allows customers to be notified about upcoming products and promos. This will assist customers become more aware of your products.

Order and Pickup System
Having an order and pick up service not only saves time for people who are constantly pressed for time, but it also decreases crowding and gives customers an alternative to lining up and coming to the store to purchase their products. This also promotes social distancing.


Add On Sales and Promotion

Upon entering a store, the consumer notices TVs in different areas of the store. On each TV are ads showcasing new arrivals or specials in that section. Today while the customer is looking for a new pair of pants, the store is exceptionally busy, and all of the sales staff is busy with other customers. The customer finds the pants they want and are about to leave when they notice the TV above the clothes rack showing new arrivals in the shirts.


By maintaining records within Apitap for any consumer followers, merchants are able to offer promotions directly to their club members and only for those members. Currently, while pricing is always an incentive, consumers have multiple rewards or accounts with multiple businesses because there isn’t an additional incentive for consumers to shop at only one location. If a consumer knew that they would receive special offers just for them through following a specific store, it would encourage a customer to focus their purchasing within a smaller group of merchants.

Pre-Order Sales

Many merchants have special offers at selected times throughout the year, such as Thanksgiving Turkeys, or Christmas Hams. These items, along with many other food items and meals, are traditionally pre-ordered, prepared for, and processed in advance. Many grocers now offer these pre-made packages and ready-made food in direct response to lack of time for consumers to prepare the meals traditionally. The ability to order and pay for a pre-order meal in advance of arriving to the grocer, or without even having to initially go to the store, in the case of an advance order, allows the grocer to prepare food according to their orders, and not blindly with the hope that they will sell everything they have prepared. The extra convenience for the consumer to be able to reserve their holiday dinner without having to actually make a special visit to the grocer for a deposit or pre-pay would enable more consumers to take advantage of and place more pre-orders.