• Business Promotion

    You can easily promote your business without the need for a third-party subscription because you can create and publish your ads and set up your storefront yourself. Apitap also has an Instore Ad Player, which allows you to play your ads and promotions on your television and use it as digital signage.

  • Special Events and Package Advertising

    Customers can easily see when you have special events with the app because they can press the ad to learn more details, and they will be notified if you have new packages. Customers will also be able to view special events and ongoing promotions through digital signage.

  • Customer Outreach

    Apitap’s app can help you find new customers and increase foot traffic without spending any money. Your promotions and advertisements can be directly pressed to see more information. You can also use Apitap’s Instore Ad Player to make Digital Signage so that people passing by can see your promotions and events.

Booking and Payment System

  • Payment System

    When hotel guests want to purchase hotel products or services such as the minibar or a massage, Apitap can be used as a payment system. Because the room is fully Apitap enabled, there is no need for a room deposit for the mini bar or internet service. As the guest selects various services or needs during their stay, they simply scan the associated remote product code and make the necessary purchases. Even if they order room service later, they can pay right away in Apitap rather than billing through the room.

  • Easy Booking and Checkout

    Apitap enables guests to book a room ahead of time and check out quickly. To check in and out, they only need to show their ticket. Because there is no final bill to balance, checkout is a quick and easy process.

  • Convenience

    Guests do not have to wait for a clerk to book a room or view all available promotions and packages. They can do all of their payments and transactions on their phone, which is convenient. This increases social distance as well.

Business Growth

  • Business Expansion

    If the hotel also has a restaurant or a souvenir shop, they can easily expand their promotions and provide guests with a guide to what’s available while staying in the hotel.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Once you have earned the guest’s loyalty, it means they had a positive customer experience, which will help increase your sales due to word-of-mouth promotion.

  • Repeat Business

    The goal is increased sales. When you offer promotions, you will attract more customers and have a better chance of gaining their loyalty, which means customers will return, resulting in repeat business and increased sales. Also, hotels host a lot of events, which allows you to create a package of features and benefits for followers. The hotel can capitalize on attendee repeat business and market services directly to them based on the promotional offer.

Possible Scenarios


A traveler checks into their hotel, presenting a digital copy of the confirmation they received when they initially booked their room from within the Apitap mobile application. No room deposit is needed for mini bar or internet service because the room is fully Apitap enabled. As the guest chooses different services or needs during their stay, they simply scan the associated remote product code and process a purchase as needed. Even when they order room service later, they are able to pay immediately within Apitap rather than billing the food to their hotel room. Checkout is a quick and easy process because there isn’t a final bill to balance with.


A hotel finds itself in the center of a busy trade show season every year. With competition heavy for the attendee reservations the hotel decides to create within their Apitap account a special promotion aimed at the trade show attendees. Developing a package of features and benefits for followers, the hotel is able to capitalize on the attendee repeat business, and market services directly to them based on the promotional offer. As the success of the trade show promotions gain ground, the hotel is able to create other special offers aimed at their city’s other travelers.