Restaurant Management System–   The Apitap Restaurant Management System (RMS) is essentially a full POS that is included free of cost with a regular Apitap subscription. The RMS comes with a list of features that most high-end systems charge extra for, and can take orders online, mobile, and in-store.

Give your Restaurant a Better Value using Apitap

Restaurant Management System

A Kitchen and Order Management System that oversees any order placed by your customers. Orders can be placed from the Apitap mobile app, from your Apitap Online Store, in person or it can be taken over the phone. All of them appear in the Order Manager so that the kitchen can prepare and manage incoming and outgoing orders more efficiently.

Full Dedicated Online Digital Marketplace

Have your very own restaurant in our digital platform. Expand your customer reach through your online presence. Take orders, flash your menu, and entice your customers’ cravings through the Apitap website and mobile app.

Build, Create, Publish, and Schedule Digital Menus and Promotions Ads

Put the power of marketing within your fingertips. In one tap, you can share ads and promotions through the top social media platforms. Have the freedom to build, create, publish, and schedule your ads and deals with the use of the best all-in-one tool for marketing and promotions.

Digital Menus

Give you a more engaging and interactive way to show off your offerings, by utilizing screens and televisions. This is proven to be more engaging than paper menus to customers. Our specific platform uses screens to not just show images, but also dynamically combine them with digital advertising and real time decisions.

Analytic Reports

Reports provide an overview of different areas of your business. Enables you to generate reports and monitor your Sales Performance, Customers Ratings and Reviews, Ads and Promotions, Inventory, and Orders.

Cloud-based POS System

Maximize the top benefits of a Cloud-based POS system with no extra charge! Access your restaurant data anytime and anywhere, with no additional hardware needed. Cloud-based POS system enables you to process your sales transactions and credit card payments. It also lets you track and record sales data, provides higher level of data security, and monitor your inventory levels.

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Online, Mobile, and In-Restaurant Order Capability

Ordering Convenience

Your customers will have the convenience to put their orders through Apitap (automated system for taking orders). To avoid long lines and the hassle of waiting, your customers can place their orders in advance, pay for it, and pick it up from your restaurant. Using this platform will give you ease in doing your business. Less error and focus more on making sales!

Self Service Ordering

Apitap offers a self-service ordering feature through the use of its QR codes placed on the table. The customer scans the QR Code and can order and submit it to the restaurant’s front counter for them to complete the order.

Create Promotions and Encourage Sales

In Apitap, we provide you tools that allow you to engage your followers within a radius around your restaurant in real-time! So, if you want to have special offers at a specific hour or location to increase foot traffic, our system can do that for you! You can create whatever promotion that you wish, with whatever conditions you desire.

Advertising Direct Sales

Advertisements with Apitap have a unique ability that most systems don’t offer. When a consumer sees an ad through Apitap, or enhanced by Apitap, they can to purchase immediately from that ad. With Apitap, merchants can get the sale immediately when they get their customer’s attention.

Repeat Loyalty Business

Every restaurant in Apitap has its own identity, with its own storefront on our system. In fact, when someone buys from a restaurant on Apitap, all they see are that restaurant’s logos, ads, products, and specials displayed when they do. We encourage repeat traffic and word-of-mouth advertising for every restaurant we work with. We want happy customers to not only find you again to buy more from you, but to be able to tell all their friends about you as well.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elevate your customer’s satisfaction through real-time ordering convenience.  Your customers can make online, mobile, and in-store orders and make their payments right away. What a really good way

Meet All Your Restaurant’s Needs with Restaurant Management System

  • Waiter Account

    • Allows Customers to put orders in advance either dine-in, take-out or for pick-up
    • Shows Current Orders and their status
    • Shows available items in the Menu in real-time
  • Counter Manager

    • Makes tracking and payment easier for merchant and consumers
    • Allows to input Order Information and Order/ Delivery Instructions
    • Shows Order Status in real-time
    • Print receipt and collect payment
    • Monitor invoice totals
    • Allows to cancel current orders if needed
  • Kitchen Manager

    • Displays Orders taken from Customers in real-time
    • Shows status and special instructions indicated in each order
    • Updates Menu and Availability of Items in real-time, based on inventory and schedules


There’s a new solution to help them re-grow their business, re-gain their customer loyalty, and re-build their sales

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Digital Video and Images (Digital Media) Vs Text

Did you know only 20% of consumers read text shown to them in an ad or digitally? Meanwhile 80% of consumers watch or pay attention to videos and images shown to them on a digital sign or while online. Use videos to help capture consumers attention with digital signage and social media videos BY USING APITAP!

Know exactly what to do. Make the right business decisions using Analytic Reports Generation

Enables you to generate reports and monitor your Sales, Promotions, Inventory, and others.

Sales Report and Monitoring

Keeping track on your restaurant’s sales performance will enable you to make the right action plans and decisions. It is essential in every business to know how well they perform. Generate reports whenever and wherever you want.

Top Selling Food Items

Knowing your top selling products will help you analyze your restaurant’s edge and strengths. Customers always look for the menu that indulge their taste buds. Know what your market wants and capitalize on your top selling products.

Inventory Report

Keep an up- to- date status of your inventory level. You will be able to know which inventories are running low and needs to be replenished. Never fail your customer’s cravings and make every items readily available in your menu.

All-in-One Restaurant Digital Marketing and Management System

Features of Restaurant Management System

  • Digital Marketing Tools

    • A full suite of proven Digital Marketing tools are included, allowing merchants to create and promote easily using digital displays, web ads, and social media to build customer attention and traffic.
  • Digital Menu System

    • Our dynamic digital menu system connects to and updates online, mobile, and in-store immediately in real-time based on product schedules, inventory quantity, and scheduled promotions, for each location a merchant has.
  • Real-time Customer Notification Messages

    • Customers receive notifications about a restaurant’s activity instantly when they follow a restaurant in Apitap. This way merchants can use immediate special offers along with scheduled promotions to drive sales and reach out to customers, without using costly and limited third-party messaging and emailing services.

All-in-One Digital Marketing and Management Platform for all types of Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurant

Bars and Nightclubs


Coffee Shop

Food Truck Business