We are apitap

Bring Your Store to the Customer’s Door ™

Apitap lets you reach customers anywhere they may be, to not only gain sales but to also build customer loyalty and repeat business.

Real Customer Loyalty
and Repeat Business

Merchants have their own branded storefronts inside Apitap that customers can interact with and follow, like in social media. Whenever a consumer buys in Apitap they always know exactly who they are buying from and can return easily at any time to buy from them again. Consumer’s can even share the merchant throughout social media for word of mouth promotions.


There’s a new solution to help them re-grow their business, re-gain their customer loyalty, and re-build their sales

True Customer Engagement with
Real-Time Messaging

Merchants used to know their customers and talk with them directly to generate sales. Despite all the ways to communicate today, much of that direct involvement has been lost. With Apitap that ability, encouraging sales in the process, is back. Merchants can can send announcements and messages in real time to help customers know about specials and to engage with them directly to guide their purchasing.