Scenario One – Loyalties and Incentives

Event organizers can create promotions for fans that follow that provide special offers and promotions for members through the Apitap application. By pushing these promotions directly to the followers’ Apitap application, the event organizers, concert promoters, and team franchises can reach their loyal fans directly, to encourage purchases. As events become available, organizers, promoters, and franchises can push special offerings to followers, or within a radius around the location. Attendees can take advantage of special event “day-of” discounts or package offerings. These package offerings can be pushed using the real-time engagement and sales modules to offer consumers at home the option of purchasing a complete evening package offering tickets, souvenirs and food in one convenient purchase.

Scenario Two – Impulse Purchases

During events at special times, limited offer impulse purchases can be pushed to all consumers within an event or location. These offers can be time based and in limited amounts to promote items or services that were either in surplus or had limited consumer awareness. In the case of amusement parks, ride or show packages can be pushed at different times throughout the day encouraging consumer participation as needed. Special halftime or quarter/period promotions can be offered during games to drive souvenir and franchise merchandise sales. Interaction can even be promoted during pre- or post-show periods to drive legacy business.

Scenario Three – Add-On Sales

Many times, attendees will be reluctant to leave their seats during an exciting moment of an event. Even if there are items they wish to purchase either at concession stands or souvenir vendors, they will usually wait until they feel it is “safe” for them to go. By enabling remote purchasing for the event, organizers, promoters, and franchises can offer the fans the ability to order and pay for items or goods from their seat and have it brought to their location by a staff member or employee of the venue. Because Apitap processes the payment along with tips itself, there is no need for the staff member to be responsible for any form of payment gathering. They simply need to run the completed and paid for order directly to the attendee at their seat.

Scenario Four – Cross Sales Promotions

Some businesses have offerings and holdings which cover a wide variety of industries. For example, major entertainment companies such as the Walt Disney Company or Universal have not just theme park attractions and hospitality but also radio, television, and movie studios along with merchandising and music labels. The different holdings rely heavily on each other for cross promotion and development. Frequently, the holdings will use the varied assets interchangeably in order to provide the most ideal and beneficial marketing promotions for each endeavor. By utilizing the benefits of Apitap to its fullest potential, Go to Table of Contents – 25 – companies such as these would be able to interact with their consumers and their target markets in new and more efficient ways.