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Existing ISO or MSP

ISOs right now are limited to how many merchant accounts they can sign-up because they are limited of how many new merchants are available. There is only so many potential customers they can reach.

In addition, you have a lot of merchants that closed down due to the pandemic or have switched business direction in an effort to cut cost by going with 3rd party service providers that include a merchant account with their service.

Using Apitap ISOs can use their existing customer base to build an entirely new revenue stream by selling Apitap services to their existing customers. In addition, they can use Apitap to build their own merchant account portfolio as well.

Finally, rather than approaching merchants to sell them merchant accounts directly, ISO can use offering Apitap to get their foot in the door with new merchants and then bundle the new online merchant account (which is required) automatically during the signup process for Apitap.