Scenario One – Promote In-Store Sales

A merchant notices a decrease in sales during a certain part of the day. Their regulars just don’t seem to be coming in anymore like they used to. Using Apitap , the merchant creates a series of ads to display in their front window on the TV they have set up. They set the schedule and rotate the ads throughout the week trying to find the best message to get the customers back. The merchant also sends the ads to the Apitap enabled mobile app to get their customer’s attention that way. Within a few days they begin to notice the sales volumegoing back up.

Scenario Two – Mobile Promotion

A merchant has a large mailing list that is costing them a huge amount of expense each month, just to reach out to their customers once every other week. Signing up with Apitap , the merchant now has a version of the Apitap mobile app branded under their name and color scheme. By offering the customers on their mailing list the option to download the new mobile app, the merchant can reach out to those customers as often and as quickly as needed to drive their business towards better revenue. As an added benefit, they can cut the mailing list expense, as it is no longer necessary to send it to everyone, and only send emails to the members who have not gone mobile yet.

Scenario Three – Customer Awareness

A consumer moves into a new home and begins to drive around looking for supplies and needed home furnishings. As the consumer drives through the area, their mobile phone indicates that they have received new messages through their Apitap application. Upon reviewing the messages, they notice that a local retailer is having a spring-cleaning sale in their housewares and bedding departments. By looking at the advertisements and offers, the consumer is able to easily see the nearest store location and can even plot directions to the store using the provided map. Upon entering the store, the consumer receives a new notice offering them to become a member of that store’s rewards club. With a simple button press, one single click, the consumer is instantly subscribed and can redeem their membership account at the cash register during checkout. While the consumer shops within the store they are able to search through any coupon or reward that merchant’s currently offering, saving it to a special section within the Apitap application. The saved offers can be retrieved at checkout for easy redemption or saved for later use for when they choose to come back to the store.

Scenario Four – Advertising Direct Purchasing

A consumer is home after working many hours at their job. Entering their apartment, they look around to see many chores that they are supposed to take care of, including repairs, buying new items or replacing worn out items. As they sit down on the couch and began flipping through the mail, they see a coupon circular from the local large retailer and begin Go to Table of Contents – 21 – to notice coupons or other promotions for exactly the items they need. Looking at the dates on the ad they realize that there is no way they’re going to be able to get to the store in time to buy the products. Their next day off isn’t until after the sale is over, and they resign themselves to having to wait until the next time the items are on sale. Hopefully, they will have free time to go to the store when those items are available again on sale. Looking at the ads, the consumer sees that there is an Apitap data image at the bottom of each of them saying next to it Buy It Now with Apitap . The consumer realizes that the store has enabled each of these items so they can be remotely purchased directly through the Apitap application on the spot. Turning on the Apitap application, the consumer scans a coupon’s data code into the app. They confirm the payment account and that they would like to buy the item along with shipping options and shipping address and complete the order. The order is submitted paid in full to the retailer in order to be delivered to the consumer’s house within the selected shipping timeframe option.