1. ApiTap provides merchants with an easy way to advertise and sell their products and services. For less than the cost of printing a flyer, merchants can use ApiTap to increase their customer awareness and impact.
  2. Using our in-store promotion system, merchants can display ads on televisions and tablets to encourage customer spending, even at the point of sale.
  3. Merchants can target specific ads for specific locations or even departments to fine tune and grow their advertising efforts. They can also schedule them to run immediately or at specific times and days so that merchants can promote their business their way.
  4. Merchants have their own storefront inside ApiTap they can use to promote themselves and create customer loyalty and awareness to encourage repeat spending.
  5. Offers and promotions entered into the ApiTap platform can be also sent to nearby consumer apps to reach customers who aren’t inside a store location.
  6. Any item entered into the ApiTap platform is available, if desired, for immediate purchase by consumers while searching through the mobile app.
  7. ApiTap has a special secure method for merchants to accept payments from consumers that eliminates data theft and compliance concerns. At no time does the merchant handle the customer’s payment info so there is nothing they have to worry about. They only receive the approval.
  8. Merchants use their own merchant accounts for customer purchasing so their money stays in their hands and not through some third-party account they have to wait to be paid from.
  9. Merchants can add an Apitap code to their traditional print ads to allow consumers to buy immediately when they read or see the ad. Social media can also be enhanced using one of our ApiTap codes to allow followers to buy immediately, even from videos. Anyplace a merchant can display an image, ApiTap can turn into a store.