Affiliate Sales

Job Description

Are you a sales person with phone sales experience who is tired of all your hard work benefiting someone else’s wallet?
Do you want to work from home or anywhere in the U.S.? Are you an entrepreneur?
Are you driven to be successful?
Are you still struggling to find the right fit for getting back on your feet?
Do you know businesses that are struggling to survive and need help?

Commission-based, plus monthly income residuals for our phone sales positions! This is NOT a gimmick; this is a REAL position with a REAL Company. We are seeking motivated people who can think fast on their feet to become a part of our sales team! Our salespeople can genuinely make $ 3000 – $ 6000 in residual commissions and more per month the first year alone. Also, we don’t put a cap on our residuals, so they can easily grow to $100,000 and more total for the second year and beyond. With our software, merchants not only promote their business and create sales now, but it will also help them to continue to grow after the pandemic is over. It was designed to provide merchants with all the tools they need most, regardless of the type of business they have. In fact, we can help any business gain sales, from retail to restaurants, and more. We just need your help to help us help them do it.

Phone sales should …

  • Be responsible for their own sales, staff, promotions, and campaigns, though they can work with us to develop them
  • Have great interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills.
  • Delivering scripted talks that describe the company’s products or services, a political talking point, or charity appeal to persuade potential customers or donors.
  • Explaining products and product prices.
  • Keeping track of customers that have been contacted and those who do not want to be contacted in the future.
  • Following up on previous customers for potential sales.
  • Maintaining records of customer contacts.
  • Be willing to learn our system and how we benefit merchants and consumers alike and be able to apply that knowledge to get merchants to sign up an account with us.
  • Reliable PC + High-Speed Internet.
  • Headset Microphone for PC.
  • Knowledge in Microsoft Applications.
  • Computer Skills required.
  • Knowledge is operating Go to Meeting (scheduling presentations).

What we offer …

  • Call Lists are provided.
  • Generous monthly and residual commissions of 15% based on your total sales and subscriptions.
  • Additional compensation packages may be available depending on experience, performance, or circumstances.
  • The ability and resources to profit from your hard work and build a business for yourself. If you sell it, you own it as long as they are in business and paying us. You can in turn sell these accounts to someone else and retire.
  • If you are a merchant service provider or any other independent sales organization (ISO), or have existing clients from any other work, then our sales position is a great way for you to generate new or additional revenue while building a stronger portfolio in the process.