Combine your social media, digital, in-store, and print marketing

There are four ways marketing plays a significant role in your business. As people get hooked online, business owners must engage in this area, to get more sales. It’s a powerful tool that lets you reach anyone from anywhere in the world.

Social Media Marketing includes everything a business does via social media channels. At a high level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. In-store marketing is a type of marketing that takes place in brick-and-mortar shops. In-store marketing helps promote products and offer a great customer experience to the shoppers. This type of marketing focuses on engaging with customers to provide a personalized experience during the shopping session. Print marketing is a form of advertising that uses printed media, such as magazines, brochures, business cards, banners, direct mail postcards, or catalogs.

Combining these four ways of marketing can help propel a business to achieve results they only dreamed of. And that’s the benefit when you use Apitap. It allows you to create social media, in-store, print, mobile, and online promotions all in one place, where customers can buy from you immediately!

One log-in with the merchant portal allows you to access all the tools there. All interactions like promoting in-store, online, mobile, and print go through one portal, which helps in getting sales and follow-up after the sale. The platform also allows for engaging with the customer in order to deal with any customer service issues and to create better sales. Also, this means one platform to manage orders and to enter products. It’s the same place to create ads, manage ads, and schedule them. It’s the same place to go to do messaging and to talk to people. Other services have a bunch different platform for the many needs of the modern business order, creating confusion and wasting time.

There’s nothing else like Apitap. Connect with us now! And we’re always ready to help you to get started, and get sales!