ApiTap provides merchants with the tools for real customer engagement, which is key for merchants to succeed.

  • Merchants have their own storefront inside ApiTap they can use to promote and sell to customers for building and keeping customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Custom ads can be delivered to your customers on their mobile phones; anytime, anywhere, on your schedule and needs, even immediately.
  • In-store digital signage can be easily created and controlled by you and targeted by you on your schedule for maximum impact and results with your customers
  • When alerted by your mobile ads and offers, customers can shop right on their mobile for your goods, dining fare, drinks or services.




Your Business, Your Way

ApiTap knows that a merchant knows their business better than anyone. With that in mind we built ApiTap around letting a merchant run their own business with us. Every merchant controls when and how their ads and offers are shown to customers. They can even create ads in real time to display immediately if needed.


Easy To Use

We give you the tools you need to be competitive in today’s market. Don’t get left behind your competition and lose your customers. ApiTap combines in-store, online, and mobile promotions and sales together into one environment. Your store is in the palm of your customer’s hand.


Save Time and Money

Don’t waste time learning new technologies. Let ApiTap help you take advantage of them today without costly learning curves. Get the most return on your promotional investment each month.




After years of development, the ApiTap marketing and sales platform is ready for launch. It combines in-store digital display marketing with mobile promotions to provide a seamless and unified environment for merchants to not only promote to their current customers but provides the opportunity to reach new ones as well. The cost for implementing the system for a location is less than the cost for printing an average flyer promotion each month, and merchants receive all the benefits and tools they need to succeed. ApiTap works with the merchants to give them the tools they need to be profitable and can grow.

ApiTap was built to be open and adaptable to any merchant’s needs. Whenever ads get created for the displays inside the locations, merchants have the option of sending these ads to the mobile app and online mall as well. Merchants can let consumers know of specials and events as soon as they publish them in the system, even if the consumer is nowhere near their locations. They can also schedule ads from day to day or week to week, up to month to month and into next year if desired.

Specific items and offers can be entered into the system as well. A merchant’s customers who have the ApiTap mobile app can receive notices that new items or specials are available while at the same time being listed inside the ApiTap marketplace for any user to find, even if they don’t shop with that merchant. ApiTap also enhances traditional advertising and social media by supplying special codes that can be printed and displayed inside the various ads and social media pages. These codes, when scanned by the mobile app, will allow consumers to do anything from receive additional information or offers to use in store for discounts, to buying the item from directly within the app at the time they scanned the code.

At ApiTap we see our system as a partnership with each of our merchants, working together so that we both are in business and continue to do so. Contact ApiTap or one of their Affiliate Agents today to see how much ApiTap can bring to your business’ future.