Simple answer, they’re not. Yes, they may claim some aspect of their service or product offering to be free, and that one part may be. However, the rest of their system isn’t. Unfortunately, you don’t find out about it until after you have signed up with them. “Free” companies manufacture all sorts of hidden costs, expenses, and even penalties in some cases, in order to make their money. First and foremost, they are a business and a business needs revenue in order to survive. We are open and straight forward about our costs. We don’t believe in surprise costs and expenses when it comes to business. We don’t like them in ours and we are fairly sure that you don’t like them in yours. Anytime you see someone claim free, ask yourself this, “How are they staying in business and if I go with them, will they even be there in a couple months?”. Then read the fine print and ask some questions. You will discover in the end that they’re not actually free at all.