Did you know

People shop more online than they used to….

When people are looking at goods and services online- 80% of them actually bought what they wanted online, and 46% of them were influenced by social media for what to look for or buy? Connecting your business online is important, now more than ever, if a business wants to succeed. Imagine all the people right now who are already engaging with online buying. Embracing online selling, you’ll be able to reach a massive group of people that you can target with your business. With the right efforts, you’ll be able to grow properly and successfully.

One of the most important decisions you can make is if you are connected with the right social commerce marketplace. 

ApiTap was designed to be just that. It was built from the ground up to provide merchants with what they need to be able to grow.

ApiTap is a social commerce marketplace, with a community first approach, focusing on merchant brand recognition and customer loyalty. We give merchants of any industry a place where they can not only promote themselves across all different available methods, from online and social media to print and in-store, but also generate immediate and direct sales from them at the same time. Using ApiTap’s tools, merchant can create targeted inclusive advertising and real-time customer engagement to not just increase consumer awareness of their products, buy close sales as soon as they get the customer’s attention.


This is your season to shine in the area of business! So what are you waiting for? 


Contact us today, and let’s talk about how ApiTap can work in your business and help you succeed.

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