We don’t promise anyone new customers. Yes, through using our system it can bring you new customers, however that’s not our focus. Our focus is to increase your sales. We help you get every available dollar from potential customers purchases that you can. If you have 200 regular customers spending $100.00 each month, and add another 100 new customers spending the same $100.00, is that really better than your original 200 customers spending now $150.00 each month instead? Yes, you have the same amount in total sales. However, of those new 100 customers, how many are going to become new regulars? Not all of them will, so actually increasing your existing customer spending is in the end more profitable. Yes, it is always good to have new customers, however what you really want is regulars spending more each month. If you add “new” regulars along the way, then profits just increase that much more.