Many of the promotional tools that use mobile or online related methods fall into the trap of thinking that reaching more people or getting more people to come by is a guaranteed way to make more money. Just because someone receives an offer and comes by your business does not guarantee that they will buy now or even come back the next time they are shopping. Many of the businesses that have tried these different promotional tools have discovered this. They found that for the month their promotion ran with those other companies, the merchant did have an increase. Once it was over though, the new customers never came back. That is why they all say that those companies don’t work.

Our system is different than these in one key way, we focus on growing existing business first, while spreading awareness of the merchant to new customers second. We know a current customer base is more important than new customers overall for one main reason; You already have their loyalty because they are regulars and you have already “sold” them on buying from you.

Everyone has businesses they choose to buy from for certain things. An ad from one of them will always catch that consumer’s attention faster and deliver a stronger message than to someone who has never heard of them before. That is why those other methods fail while we succeed. Its accepted now that most promotions and advertising should focus on existing customers to remind them that you are there and to let them know what new you are doing. It should also keep you in their mind and most importantly their purchasing routine. Customer loyalty brings word of mouth advertising which is always good for bringing in new customers too.